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Solid Bite in Warsaw

David Goddard

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Our second club tournament of the semester was out of Drake Harbor this past Saturday. We fun fished from there Thursday and found a good pattern fishing rocky 45 degree banks and docks which ended in about 5-7 foot of water. that nice 4.5 pounder Justin is holding in the picture anchored out 14 lb bag from Thursday. On Thursday they were running current, or at least it looked that way on the water because it was so windy, we never checked the dam report online. With the current, the bite on the broke up chunk rock steep banks was much better with a spook and spinnerbait. On Saturday they didn't run current so we only caught one keeper, which was actually a meanmouth, I think, in the morning fishing the chunk rock banks. We assumed that the dock bite would be better once the sun came out. However, the sun never came out and we started catching them on docks back in the creeks in that 5-7 foot range anyways just running a spinnerbait down the side. then we ran dome broke up bluff wall stuff and caught a few more pots and I caught a 3.80 on an underspin with a keitech. We had 13.6 lbs on Saturday and if we could've culled out the one little spot we had left would've had a pretty nice sack. If y'all do Instagram give us a follow we'd appreciate it. Again thanks for the support that Mizzou Bass Fishing has received from everyone. We really do appreciate it. Tight lines.



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