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Big M area 10/18


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Got on the lake at first light - I motored over to a chunk rock bank that had held some fish last time I was on the Rock a couple of weeks ago.  Caught 4 bass on my first 10 casts, one of them was a keeper smallie.  It got tougher after that.  

Didn't help that about into an hour of fishing the little spring that pushes up the button you press with your foot to activate the trolling motor broke in half.  TM was now in continuous mode unless I shut it off.  Not used to fishing that way, made boat control a bit difficult for me, almost packed it in, but since I was there I decided to stay and fish.

Ended up with a dozen bass, all shorts except for the one smallie.  Caught 4 LM that were all just short, fun fish to catch but they would not help anyone in a tournament.  The rest were spots, had a dozen bass total.  1/2oz Nutech jig in PBJ or Sunfish, with a Rage Craw trailer worked for me.  Most fish were on steep chunk rock banks.

2 bass were caught when I was retrieving the jig back to the boat, had another good one get off the hit it on the retrieve.  Darn fish only would do that when I wasn't expecting it, wouldn't bite it when I deliberately swam it.

Caught a spot on a Lucky Craft US shad that has a Tim Hughes custom paint job of Japan Craw - I think this bait is going to whack them when things are right for it.  

When I got back to the parking lot there were two identical, brand new Denali 4 door pickup trucks towing identical Ranger trailers (Different color on the trailers).  Just kind of funny to see identical rigs parked next to each other, very nice setups, sharp trucks.



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53 minutes ago, Quillback said:

Yeah buddy, Mr. Hughes can paint a bait!

Tracked down a spring at TH Rogers, got it in, I'm back in business.  

Hopefully you sprung for a spare to carry with you 😁 … pun intended. 


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