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Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

Bill Babler

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9 hours ago, Sore Thumbs said:

Good looking boat!

Except now it looks like Bill guides on Truman! 😢

"Errr, sorry about the boat Bill but you know when you're a pro........."

I wouldn't loan one of those guys an old reel much less my boat.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

"The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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Couple of things.  First boat returned with no damage and full of gas to go.  No problem at all and was glad to help.

Next who ever pulls their troller up to go across a pocket, not me.

Next  that was kind of misleading on the electronics, you can either use scan or sonar.  GPS unit cannot be displayed with way points.

Yes he is using another boat of one of the guys that did not make the last day cut, so my boat was off the hook.

He only had 6 keepers yesterday and I was suprised he caught that many.  He will have trouble weighing in a fish today with his pattern.  He thought he was in deep trouble, but in this deal 2 or 3 bites can win it with a 5 pound bite.

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