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Figuring out the ponds...


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So hit my ponds day before yesterday mid afternoon for a bit.  Water had cleared up quite a bit since I last fished it.  Fish were spooky and almost had to sneak up on them.  Fish were up on top and schooled up too.  I watched 9 bass just milling around all up in the banks... They trolled up and down back and forth but all stuck together. 

Figured with the cold weather they would be going deep, but the bass here have been consistent in holding up by the banks all year so what do I know lol...

The fry from this years spawn are also abundant and in the 3 to 4 inch range.  

I should of went back home and grabbed my fly rod as the smaller bass and blue Gill were smashing bugs on the surface.  I threw a craw and a worm for a bit, Caught a handful, nothing huge but was good to feel a tug on the line.




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