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Had my buds in for the fall trip. Fishing was tough. Out before dawn every day. Tuesday we pulled brooders around the bridge, islands and in PC . Zero striper or white bass action. Caught about 10 short spots, one 16"spot, and a really nice 19" smallie. Beautiful day. Wednesday windier. We beat the shoreline and drop-shotted for crappie. Lets just say we went to Smokin' Joes for dinner. Thursday, after an hour in the rain, turned into a 8 hour pinocle game. Total 15 bass, 2 crappies. Never saw any type of topwater action. Water temp around 63-65 everywhere we went. Good fishing trip, no injuries.  Hope others did better. Several huge shad balls in front of PC. The kind that disrupt your depth finder. 



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I think lake is starting to turn over a bit too.  That always scatters fish.  Still early for stripes.  


My crappie hole dried up and the community pounding it takes made it dry up even further.  Never seen a more stubborn group of fish before.  Ever.  Went from 10-15 per trip to 3 in a day. 

Need marine repair? Send our own forum friend "fishinwrench" a message. 

He will treat you like family!!! I owe fishinwrench a lot of thanks. He has been a great mechanic with lots of patience!

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