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Pickerel in south west mo

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1 hour ago, trythisonemv said:

Any one know where to get into some pickerel of any kind in southern missouri? Never caught one and really want to 

I have caught chain pickerel almost every time that I fish the 11 pt. Pretty abundant right below the boat ramp at the greer spring access. The Current river below round spring holds chain pickerel as well. Make sure that you have a bit of heavier mono, braid or wire to keep from getting cut off. Good luck.

Chain Pickerel (1) - Eleven Point - 25Jan17.JPG

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There are a bunch of them in McCormack Lake its a USFS lake a couple miles north of the Greer Access on the Eleven Pt. Have caught them on the Eleven Pt, the Current, and the Jack's. Noblett Lake used to be good for them...but It was drained several years ago. I haven't been back since.


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Everybody is right...just depends upon what kind of water you want to fish for them.  They are a fish of still water and very slow current, so in the rivers, concentrate on long, slow pools, and especially in quiet backwaters.  There are a lot of them in every backwater you find on Current River between Two Rivers and Van Buren.  The slow pools on the Eleven Point are full of them.  Jacks Fork is good between Alley Spring and Eminence.  If you want a spot where you can drive right up, make a few casts, and have a good chance of encountering one, check out the Alley Spring Access on the Jacks Fork.  Unless it's changed in the last year or so, when you drive up to the access, there is a ramp leading off to the right to a quiet, deep backwater off the channel.  That backwater usually has several nice ones in it, especially all winter long.

Keep in mind that they are in the pike family and they have sharp-edged teeth that can cut monofilament like a razor.  I would tell you to use jerkbaits for them, because I've caught a ton of them on Current River in the late fall and winter on jerkbaits...but I've also lost a number of high dollar jerkbaits to them.

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