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Toyota tourney writeup


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3 hours ago, Sprint21fter said:

Didn't take much either to crack a check. As champ eluded too about fall fishing 10lbs won several hundreds of dollars!

Brother has a buddy that fished the MO Bass Nation this past weekend as a non-boater and got 15th place out of 115ish with just THREE fish in TWO days for just over 6lbs. Pretty pathetic fishing right now.

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kc is my good buddy from sanford.  i happen to have had a dozen or more of those crank baits for over two years.  kc is on our pro staff and he gave me a bunch of those to try a couple of years ago while they were testing them.  they are really a great fishing tool.  there are times, as can be seen those crankbaits will put the bass in the boat when nothing else will.

i talked to kc this morning and they just got back home late last night.  he was wanting me to send him some big wobblers for another tournament he is fishing this weekend.

thanks for posting that quill.


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28 minutes ago, Champ188 said:

Bo has to be catching them. Just sayin. 

not exactly champ.  i believe i stated the other day just how small the lake is fishing right now.  i sent kc to one of the areas that i thought there might be a bite and he found some in that area and figured out how to catch them.  the lake is turning almost everywhere i have been lately.  linda and i fished friday and saturday and had 4 nice keeps both days along with some nice whites.  here is a pic of one of the whites linda caught.




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