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Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

bobby b.

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This time of the years my wife asks me what I want for Christmas.  Sometimes I give her a list of fishing lures (make, model, and sku#) from Tackle Warehouse.

So my question is:

What is your favorite (most productive) Spro 110 and RKCrawler colors?



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49 minutes ago, Quillback said:

Hard to beat those, but I like Spring Craw for the Crawler also.  I like just about all the Rock Crawler colors.  Spro did a good job there.

I like the phantom colors some days too.  Honestly, I started throwing a Scatter Rap deep in Ike's Mule or Demon last spring when I fished with someone throwing the RK Crawler.  It was amazing how having something different made a difference for me.

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You truly can't go wrong with ANY of the Colors that SPRO kicks out in any of their Mike McClelland line of baits.  I've caught fish on any color I've tried in both the RkCrawlers and McSticks. Pick a color that YOU have confidence in throwing and you will catch fish on them. Often times the conviction in which you fish them is more important that subtleties of the paint. Another plus to the SPROs is that you don't have to jack around with the hardware. SPRO split rings are quality grade, as are the gammy's that come stock on them. 

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