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Trick or Treat A Two Day Event This Year


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The Kids are out tonight for free candy and tomorrow the halloween  hatchery truck arrives at area ponds to dump their load of free candy. I will be camped out at the 5 and 54 junction at 5am so I can follow it to it's northern location. Free candy, don't even need a trout stamp or a daily permit to fish for them. Maybe Lost Valley hatchery will bring walleye to bssp.

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1 hour ago, fishinwrench said:

That sounds like a blast.  Do they stop in Jeff City first or head straight to Columbia and Mexico ?

I'll be dropping candy wrappers out the window so you can follow me wrench. Last year it was jeff city first. That way if they have truck problems they can just drop the remainder any old where, kind of like crane.

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