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Big M area, 11/4


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Launched about 7 AM today, cloudy, cold and windy which it would remain all day.  Air temp was 47 when I launched, and 49 when I pulled out at 1:30 PM.  

My expectation was that there might be a good crank bait bite with the wind and clouds - I caught a few early on a Rapala DT 6, mostly small fish, but one LM that was around the keeper mark.  Had a decent fish that grabbed the DT right at the boat, got a glance at it's back, looked to be a smallie that might have gone 3 lbs, had it on for about 3 seconds and it pulled off.  Not much you can do to keep them on when they whack it right at the boat.  

DT bite just flat stopped, so I switched to a Menace Grub on a 3/8 oz swing head.  Boated a couple of keeper sized smallies on the grub, had a couple others that I never saw but pulled like decent fish.  Had one largemouth that was around that keeper mark on the grub too.  The smallies were on shallow gravel that had the wind blowing parallel to the bank, and it was no gentle breeze, that wind was blowing hard where they were.

Not a great day as far as numbers, boated 9 bass, 3 keepers, but it was enough to make it a fun day to be out.  

WT 60-61.









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8 hours ago, 96 CHAMP said:

Curious as to how you are working that menace grub, dragging it along bottom and steadily making contact or trying to keep it up off the bottom a little

I drag it on the bottom, usually I'll pull it towards me with my rod, move the rod back and reel in the slack, then repeat.  Did get a couple of bites swimming it too, so it might be worth putting one on a ball head and swimming it.  

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