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Winter transition


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About when do crappie start heading for their deep water winter haunts? noticed that usually, around this time of year they are in shallower brush. I was wanting to get out the week of thanksgiving and have no idea what the pattern might look like. Thinking about putting the boat up for winter and doing some shalllw kayak fishing up river. Thanks for any insight! 

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I am going to say when water temps get near 55 or so. I am not an avid crappie fisherman, but I have caught several. This guy knows all about Stockton winter crappie, he has also shot some great videos with G3 outdoors.



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I keep detailed fishing records for over 30 years of crappie fishing on Stockton. My records are nearly exactly the same as Dan's. The winter pattern begins around 56F. However, (there is always a however with fishing), this does not apply well to many south facing drop offs as the crappie might be considerably shallower there during the winter.

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