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Big M area 11/7


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Launched at dawn, brisk wind out of the north was blowing.  

Caught a keeper largemouth on a jerkbait on about cast # 10, got a little smallie a couple of casts later and then spent the next 2 hours not getting a bite.

Fished down a steep chunk rock bank, caught a keeper smallie on a wobblehead and then caught 2 14" spotted bass on the next 2 casts.  3 casts, 3 fish after 2 hours of no bites, all on the wobblehead with a Menace Grub.  About 5 casts later and a little further down the bank I caught a 14" largemouth.  Then it got tough again.  I did hook onto a pretty good fish that I never saw that got off.  It was a weird bite, one of those deals where I felt just a little tick, felt like the wobblehead ticked off a rock, but just a little funny feel to it, so I gave it a kind of weak hookset and found my self with a hard puller on.  Pulled hard for a couple of seconds and was off.  Hate losing a good one on a tough day, it is still bugging me now.  

WT 60


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when i doubt check 'em out.

i fished the shell knob area today.  ended up with 5 keeps and 3 big whites.  did a whole lot of looking.  seems like they are trying to gather up some.  saw eric prey saying how good the jig bite was.  tried quite a bit of that, but no love for me.  caught what i caught on a 3/4 Zinc Spoon, and a 3/4 GrassJig with a 4" swimmer.  most bites were 37 to 40 ft. deep.  seemed like the break needed to occur at that depth like there were holding right on the edge before it went straight down.




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Jig bite turned on at Beaver today. Fished the winter series tournament today. Had 13.25 six fish limit with a 4.09 kicker. All came on the jig. Got second place and $573 bucks. I’ll take it. No crankbait bite yet. Did catch one one a jerkbait early and a Striper on a drop shot. Ha

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