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36 minutes ago, Johnsfolly said:

Looking at the regulations it appears that trout in lakes 3, 22, and 23 can be harvested at any time. Whereas lakes 21 and 28 are catch and release until Feb 1st. Could be confusing.

It is confusing. Lakes through out the state seem to have different regs depending on the area. I would have bet against soft plastic being legal if I hadn't looked at the rules.

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I had plans to hit the river today but they are blown out so I went to Busch for urban trout to soak my sorrows.  Place was packed!!  I counted 43 at one point with people still walking in because the

And yes, I did use power worms in December.  Thanks for pointing out that for catch and release you can't use them.  I was unaware of this regulation.  

I don't know anything about warm water hatcheries but the idea of converting or establishing one at Bushes sounds like a great idea.  They could also supply some of the urban area ponds.   B

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12 hours ago, Dale H said:

We knew 28 was catch and release---which was followed. I wasn't aware of the scented soft plastic bait no no.  

It is not well posted I can tell you that.  In fact I couldn't find the sign back in November when I was at 28.  It was the far end of the parking lot with a row of cars in front of it.  People were parking half way down the road and unless you looked for it you would never see it.  There were people all over using all kinds of illegal bait. 

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