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I'm starting a petition to outlaw all leaf blowers on the lake.

I would rather listen to a politician than those annoying machines all day long.

There were 8 kids in  my family, first of all we could never afford one of those confounded

machines and I don't even think they were around back then anyway, and even if we could dad would

of told us all to get our asses out there and rake em.

We actually didn't mind doing that 50 years ago, it cleared the yard for us to play kick the can later that night.

The only sound that you would hear while we were raking would be us beating the crap out of each other every hour or so.

My sister is a year younger than me and she can still whip me easily....... good times:have-a-nice-day:

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41 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

I never really thought of it before but about everytime you turn the boat off anywhere on the lake you do hear one of those. It never really bothered me, but im sure it will from now on LOL

Now that you mention it, every time I get near the water I hear a stinkin ole loud boat. I will sign it. We get rid of the leaf blowers, maybe we can work on the boats.

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5 hours ago, Old plug said:

None of it bothers me at all. Raking leafs sure would. So I guess I will be blowing them into long small piles and burning or else running my noisy Milching mower and grinding them into fertilizing mulch.

That's why you're gonna outlive all of us.  You've been blessed with constant peace and quiet.

Deafness is no curse, I envy you.  

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