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5-21-19 Table Rock Lake Report

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White River Outfitters Guide Service Table Rock Current Fishing Report


Real Nice Table Rock Lake Spotted Bass  3.15 pounds.

Picked up Bill and Jack at Mill Creek Resort at 0600 and headed for the mouth of the James.  Fished around Point 9 for a couple of hours swimming a 3.3 Keitech in Pro-Blue and caught some very nice SM.  Boat in 15'.  Wind started to blow and we headed up the James, surrounded by MLF guys, which this morning all minded their own P's and Q's and we did not have to contend with them.

Most of the locations I caught them on Saturday were high and dry  We did manage to catch 4 up there 3 SM and 1 really nice K.  One on a jig and the others on the Keitech.  These fish were 15' and under.

As I was coming out we saw Pete at the cut thru Island below Jackson and his client had a nice fish on a jig.

Here is where it is much better to be lucky than good.  I have not seen a schooling fish to speak of all year and right at the mouth of the White,  thar-she-blew.  LM, K's and Jaw's a plenty.  There were big chops out there and they were blowing right in the waves.  Here is the deal, we stayed on those fish for almost 2 hrs.  Mostly catching them on a Fin and a swimbait, it was amazing.  These fish were blowing in 90ft. plus and they just kept on and kept on.

I never leave when they are biting like that regardless of time but we eventually left when it started thundering and wind blowing just to much.  Have no idea of numbers but it was pretty stupid.  Just some thumper fish with the 3.15 lb. K in the picture with Jack being the biggest.

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Do you modify your red fins?  Could you post a picture of what red fin you are using?  I was down over the weekend and tried the red fin with no luck.  It was my first time trying to use it, as I really like the spook.  I am wanting to learn the bait, but the one I was using wasn't staying on top.  I will be back down in the middle of next week with my father in law and nephew and would like to get them on that bite. 

How slow do you have to reel it?  Did you do anything to it to make it float better?  Any help will be appreciated.  I was getting very frustrated with it.  

By the way, the ned rig and tube worked very well for us.  Most of the fish came from around 10' on the sides of the gravel points.  We didn't have as much luck directly on top of the point.  We fished from morning to just after noon, averaged about 25-30 fish with 10-16 keepers each day.   

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Redfin are a subject that has been discussed on here many, many, many times. I will tell you I have probably 50 plus and only a handful are useful. 

Will let the guys chime in and then add anything that might help. I’m sure you can find several huge blogs on them

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