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Price heating and air ?

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I haven't seen a post from dprice in quite some time.  I hope all is well. I've never personally met him, but the discussions I've had with him, and his posts on this forum, he seems like a nice guy.  From what I could tell, he can REALLY fish a jig.  I believe he has a son with the name dirtracer on this forum.

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Thanks for the remembrance  friends 

sure enjoyed everyone of you   Great guys   Born and raised  on Stockton   We still have 605 acres up there   Even miss the constant  chewing of brother Todd Lanning   Lol    

 great guy the more you catch and post the more  does his thing 🤐

wished he’d go with me sometime  as offer still exists 

skeeter190  I joined  the skeeter ownership  sure would like to hook up sometime    Love your posts   Hufferd  keep them coming brother

Skeeter frank flack Jeremy Montgomery i plan on going with you guys  sometime 


zara  and straw hat  I read your  stuff periodically   Love it    As for fishing I’ve  been every where really     I took quite  a bit of time off in the summers baling 800 bales     And for surgery as I tore the bicep off my right arm   They drilled a hole thru my forearm and reattached it 

all is well tho    I’ll try to be more sociable

but I m on  Facebook a lot at night   Pm me  I’d like that   Great laughs and peace    I’m Always studying how to catch the big ones like Todd 

thanks for  all the memories   I’m not far at all as I fish solo a ton😄DB3BBB61-8A12-4F41-9031-541C867B5FD4.jpeg9AA0841E-649E-4733-855F-7247B9049134.jpeg



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Thank you skeeter190

getting used to it   But it is a great boat 

have you been on Stockton with the high water       The  post spawn bite should be  excellent I’d think 



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