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North for the summer vacation. Suggestions please!

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We are heading north for the summer. Minnesota and Wisconsin. I know the place is loaded w/ lakes, and finding a place to fish will not be hard, but if anyone knows of a must fish location, please chime I w/ a suggestion. I will be packing a spinning rod, a bait caster, and a fly rod. I have 3 small children, so nothing hard core. I don't think that this is a boundry waters excursion, but could use some solid advice.


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Depends on where your headed and what you want to catch. Good trout fishing in the Dells, and some great smallie action in the St. Croix near Danbury, or in the Upper Missippi above the Twin Cities. I dont know beans about catching walleye, but they should have those too. Cheers.

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There is a little lake in Minnesota right near Leech lake that is called Lake Garfield. Great walleye and crappie fishing when we were there. There is one Mom & Pop resort on the lake. It is spotless and family friendly. We fish Lake Kabetogama in Northern Minnesota. It's a large lake in Vouyers Park near International Falls. Harmony Beach Resort there is excellent and they also have a couple camping spots. Ash River area is also near there on Namakon Lake with tons of resorts, camping etc. Check out Minnesota Fishing.Com for some great info. Kabatogama is top notch for walleye, crappie, small mouth and northern. Tim Watson is a top notch guide for that area at Kabatogama Angling Adventures. Cass Lake is also very good and reasonable for families with excellant walleye, perch and northern fishing along with Musky. Many wisconsin lakes around Rice Lake or Minaqua are very good. Hope this helps...

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