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This, of course, makes it all worthwhile

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Grandson asked me to "fix" his reel that his Dad had messed-up.  Quickly discovered Dad had looped line around the rear of the spool and had just kept crankin'.  Easy fix and an opportunity to show "Patch" how to disassemble an open-face and how they work.  Included a little lesson on how to correctly set the drag and how to fight the fish with the rod and not just by crankin' the reel.  Showed him how to take care rigging-up the Ned Rig and how it was important to get that worm on the hook shank straight and he watched Mr. Fumble Fingers (me) struggle with it and tied it on.  Later that evening he takes the same rod/reel/Ned and lands, gets a picture of and releases this beauty....   


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Skeeter congrats on hopefully passing on the fishing bug to the grankids. That's a nice bonus fish for getting to hang out with granddad! I agree that she looks like she wants to try out that ned bite as well.

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