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Big M- 6.15- Early!


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Last night I set the alarm for 3:35AM, certain we would hammer them in Topwater this AM.  Got to the ramp at 5:05 and was the 3rd truck there.  Went to a couple of long run outs looking for a topwater next bite and there was just zero Topwater activity.  Didn’t even mark much on the graph deep so we went to plan B quickly.  I was surprised and disappointed.  With the clouds I thought it could have been a repeat of the epic day Mr Babler had yesterday... sadly it was not.

But we got a little revenge with the drop shot.  Found a school of fish in 20ft around some bushes and had a blast catching them.  I caught 9, buddy had 4 (he was slow to move to a drop shot).  Lots of LM a couple of spots, and one Walleye.  All the LM were 1.7-2 pounders.  


At about 8:00 we had to run down the lake to get away from lightening when the storm came through.  Marked a ton of fish around BigM in 30-40 feet but they must have had full bellies because they wanted nothing to do with us.  


The storm fizzled out so we went back to the same spot where we were catching them earlier but the wind had died and that put a damper on the bite.  We caught a couple after the storm but not as many.  

Had to be off the water by 10:00 which sucked because we were on them.  Still working on reading my electronics and learning to fish deeper- today was a good learning experience.  Tight lines!





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bferg, sounds like you adjusted well. Healthy looking fish.


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