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Anyone fishing for Bass lately


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I was wondering if anyone has been bass fishing lately since they have started dropping the lake again? And if they are biting? Thinking about driving up for a day or 2 next week.

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I fished from 9:15 till 4:15 Saturday and it was brutal. I had 2 bass, 1 that was maybe a keeper and a keeper crappie, buddy had 2 or 3 small bass and 2 small crappie all on bass lures. My buddy was up there for a day the weekend before and had a decent amount of keepers. We fished his best area from the previous weekend very thoroughly(couple hours), and only 2 bites no fish, and he easily had a limit with 2 nice ones last weekend. So our thoughts were: water falling, full moon, big storm early in the AM, we suck, all contributed to the bite change(not ranked in order of importance aside from the falling water).

  We fished a little of Indian creek but mainly just south of the bridge 

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