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Quick Trip Yesterday No Pic's

Bill Babler

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Started out of Eagle Rock at 0600 with Rod and Will.  Only 1 rig in the small lot.  We fished to the Mouth of Carter and there was absolutely no topwater early.  We caught fish on a 2.8 Keitech and a drop shot but it was not fast.  Probably about a dozen for Will and half that for Rod.  I  could catch them, but right now the speed and depth of that swim bait is CRITICAL..  I just cannot get people to fish it correctly, either to much speed or hung on the bottom.

About 0900 we finely got on them as they started chasing across from Rock Creek.   They had two on a fin that simply blew its doors off hitting it with total abandon and another dozen on the swimmer just cranking it medium fast shallow thru the chasers.  All most all the chasers were LM with the best at a couple of pounds.  Probably 30 total for the day, with a dozen small keeps.

Just zero lake traffic on a Saturday, a few bass boats and a few wake boats and that was it.  Got back to the ramp and there was only one other rig, a total of 3 rigs at 10 am on a Saturday morning.

Good Luck

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