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Hey guys,

Floated from ROLF to Blair again, mostly to stay in front of the crowds as they pushed down the river. Caught several young of the year 'bows mostly as the nymphing rig would start the swing. The lady hooked a really nice rainbow right in front of the cabin they are staying in but had problems "keeping the rod up" and lost it only to hook another within just a few casts. Her husband did well swinging 2 Cracklebacks, the bottom most being the anchor point of the rig and it worked like a charm once he got used to the "feel."

Hatches were sporadic at best with probably the best of the hatches coming in a downpour, caddis and a lot of them. Still seeing Yellow Sallys most everyday, but no numbers of them at all, which is to be expected.....good nymph pattern though.

Key flies had to be #10 GB Crackleback dropped off of a #12 green Crackleback.


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