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Beaver lake bass fishing help...


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Hey fellas, new to the forum. From Texas, been an avid bass angler for about 4 years now and am heading up to Beaver in 2 weeks for a few days of fishing, fun and relaxation. 99% of the fishing I do is in the DFW metroplex on stained-dirty lowland reservoirs so Beaver is going to be completely alien to me. Not to mention the fact that I have only fished for largemouth down here.


So I am looking for pointers on how to attack, search and fish for smallmouth. I am a fairly versatile angler so I don't mind a many number of techniques but I am just so uninformed about smallies. I've done some mapping work and google earth imaging during low water levels on the northern end of Beaver..steeper banks, points, with transitioning rock or big rock, way pointed a few ledges (ledge fishing is also alien to me), to about 1/3 of the way down the lake. Whatever information you'd be willing to share would be greatly appreciated on what they like to group up on, what cover or structure they prefer, etc. I do appreciate it.


If all else fails I'll just tuck my tail, run to the dirty south end and square bill, deep crank, c-rig and drop shot for largemouth till my arms fall off. lol.

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Sounds like you are on your way to figuring it out.  Nice job on the map work- that should come in handy.  

I live here in Bentonville but drive over to Table Rock more than I fish Beaver.  There are a lot of other guys on here who know much more than I do about this mysterious and cold-hearted lake.  BUT: There are fish in here and they are fun to catch when you can get on them.

Again- hopefully some other guys check in here to help more but here are my .02:  Use the map data you put together and find long gravel points with big rock or rock transitions and start there.  Use your electronics to find some fish- will probably be deep. I would be primarily in a drop-shot kinda mindset this time of year but I would also have a big football jig or a vibrating jig, a keitech, and a spook ready to go at all times.  Also, pay attention to the generation schedule and try the backside of points if the water is moving.  Normally I would say to resist the urge to throw at the bank all the time... but with the water high there are plenty of bushes in the water to flip to (which is not usually the case this late in the summer) and I think you would be able to find fish there if you flipped enough of them.  Jigs can be any color as long is it is peanut butter and jelly or green pumpkin.  I like to drop shot any shad shaped/colored worm as well as Aarons Magic Robo Rowm, and Morning Dawn Robo Worm.  Keitechs- Pro blue pear or anything that looks shad like.  I keep my topwater selection pretty shad-like as well. 

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Bferg has excellent advice.  I would add that your best bite is going to be early or late most likely.  

I'd probably go right to a jig myself, with an eye out for top water fish.  Half ounce bluegill pattern or GP/Orange.  And I'd use a Rage Craw as a trailer, pinching the first two segments off.  I have found that PB&J color in the Rage Craw seems to be a great color for smallmouth.  

Smallmouth will hang around trees out in 10-20 FOW, trees and rocks is a good combo.  I'd drag that jig on the bottom, and also swim it.  

I'd like to get out there myself and give it a shot, maybe next week after the 4th weekend is over.

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