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kinda cranky


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fPicked up the 12 yo grandson Friday morning and headed to Neosho MDC range, he shot some nice groups.   Met a couple of OSU football jocks at the house and they bought my Tohatsu 4 stroke.  Headed to Stockton, pattern had changed, only 2 crappie on flickers in 2 hours.  Back on lake about 7 this morning, 5 drum and 2 green carp by 9, breakfast at cabin, back on lake about 11, 5 more drum and one more green carp, got tired of seeing all the shad just off bottom, put on 3 way w/ one ounce dropper ahead of flicker, 12 inch crappie, coulda shouda changed earlier, got hot, went to air conditioned big chair, woke up, weedeated lawn, still scratching chiggers but have had worse trips.  OGHFM

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Cheapest fast drying hair spray/lacquer, spray generously over entire area of body or clothing as soon as you notice chiggers or seed ticks- this will clog their lungs. legs and jaws. Your wife, daughter or lady friend can recommend a fast setting high hold spray. This has the added benefit of cooling  the itch immediately.  I haven't had chiggers bother me in about twenty years. Spray can in every tool box and every vehicle.

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