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My daughter’s PB Smallie

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We were just messing around at low water bridges that looked fun to play in the water. My daughter grabbed a little but, killer set up of mine to fish with and I cringed but, said screw it and ran to our truck to get her rod and reel and a cooler. I remember thinking she’s gonna destroy that rod and reel and I was like screw it. I hear yelling and screaming so I run back the couple hundred yards to our bridge to see my daughter and wife laughing and giggling. My daughter pulled a very solid 16 3/4 inch Smallie out of this little 2 foot deep hole hahahaha fun stuff . Apparently this thing fought like crazy and went airborne a couple of times..... and I was pissed about letting her use my rod 😜


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3 hours ago, Mitch f said:

Great job Emily!

She was screaming and hollering, I thought something had gone wrong. This fish apparently put up a hell of a battle. 

She was totally interested for about 10 mins after that but, then was more into paddle boarding hahahaha

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2 hours ago, tjm said:

That picture is worth several rods and a couple reels. Congratulate the young lady.

Agreed..... I was laughing at myself driving home thinking about my precious rod and reels hahahaha

she probably had a better shot at this fish with my rod than hers that’s for sure, I was very proud of her nonetheless 

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