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Weekend Report Near 81 MM

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Got the chance to fish both the early mornings and evenings around MM81.  Caught several keeper crappie and catfish around the docks and my nephew nailed this solid walleye the morning of the fourth off of Gross Point.  Crappie were hitting live minnows just above the brush, catfish were hitting dead minnows and cut shad in the same area.  The walleye was taken using a #9 flicker shad trolled against the current right at the shelf above the main channel.


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I'm hearing and seeing pics about the whisker fishing up there.  Some boys I know are having a genuine big Blue jamboree up around the Ivy bend to Cole Camp cr. area, the likes of which I have never seen before.  

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This has been a great year in that area for the kitty cats.  Lots of my weekend neighbors have been nailing some big ones.  If I catch one its by pure accident.  I'm going to try and figure out how to actually target the cats this fall.  Having water moving out of the dam has really helped this year.

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