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ky3 story on the High water


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In another somewhat related  KY3 story this morning announced the resurfacing of 28 miles of Hwy 160 between the intersection

of Hwy 123 and 160 N.W. of Willard and ending at Hwy H on the East side of Greenfield. Although 160 won't be closed, flagmen and 

Escort Cars will most likely create traffic delays and that's not to mention the risk of oil splatter on vehicles and/or boats. It's not the

only route to Stockton Lake but other routes may see increased traffic as many drivers search for alternate routes. Completion is

estimated to be sometime in November. I don't recall the exact start date but it was relatively soon. 



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28 minutes ago, Mhyde said:

Also today marks the official start of widening highway 160 to a four-lane highway. work will start just south of Cotners Corner, run through Willard and ends where 160 turns back into 4 Lanes  just before you cross the  I-44 bridge.



That one is going to take a bit longer but it's needed and been a long time coming. They should have it done right about the time my last one graduates and I have no reason to keep burning that road up. 



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