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Ethan with a Super nice Taney Brown Trout male with Kype in full spawning colors.

Click on the pic for a totally beautiful male brown in full color.

On Taney everyday this past week with results that were beyond good, especially for the Summer heat.  If you can fish, Great.  If you can't fish much it does not matter, your still going to get bit.

Have not fished above Dave's flat or below Lilley's, all in between, mostly averaging about 50 fish per day with most in the 14 plus inch class,  with lots and lots bigger, and very few smaller.

By playing the flow you can continue to have success throughout the morning.  I'm starting at either 5:30 or 6 am.  Till 8 am you cannot make a mistake.  Stickbaits, Power Bait, Crawlers, jigs, PW, all are working.   

When the sun hits the ball game changes, as does the flow but the bite can continue if you adapt.  Seems like at about 8 the flow really slow down, and at this time if you go to live bait your not in trouble.  The Power worm, power bait or sitckbaits will almost go dead.   You can go to a TJ full micro in pink or any small pink jig under 100 oz and you will still be fine, with that or a crawler.

I have not been out there as much latter in the morning past 10 am but the guides that are taking multiple trips are telling me at 11 am or so when the flow increases the bites are totally insane on a crawler or down around monkey on PB.

If you watch it and only keep the quality fish you can clean 4 fish that easily weight close to 5 pounds after they are gilled and gutted.  Over a pound and a quarter average and that is fantastic, at any time of the year, let alone dead of Summer.


Lots of brown trout currently on the move above Lilley's.  They seem to be hanging in any of the bends or deeper pockets and by that I mean just depth changes, as really there is not a lot of deep water right now.



Big fish are also coming in as just about every trip  we are catching both rainbows and browns in the 20" to 22" class.  

If you get a chance even though its hot outside right now so is the bite.  Come on down.

Good Luck

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