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8 year Walleye


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I got out on the river this week. The last time I was out I caught fish, just none picture worthy, but I did have a deer come down to the bank to check me out. This time I caught a bunch of average size smallmouth, nothing big, on shallow crankbaits, and soft craws, and a few pumpkinseeds. I couldn't find any goggle eyes. I also caught a gar but when I got it to the side of the kayak she got off. But the fish of the day was the walleye. My streak now is 8 years in a roll with catching a walleye in the James, just bragging. I got hung up in a tree hanging over the river, paddled over to get the lure , and while I was over there I made one cast upstream and had a nice fight on my hands. I caught it up stream from where Wilson creek flows into the James. I did lose one lure but to make up for that I caught a rod and reel, won't tell what lure catches rods. The catfish pic is to show where I was fishing. Great day on the river....All were released to fight again......

deer 1.jpg

fish 10.jpg

walleye 2.jpg

walleye 5.jpg




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Nice catching.  We used to catch spring eyes in Flat Creek just above Pt 15 but it has been several years since that has happened.  I think I may have lost that rod and reel.  did it smell like garlic.😁

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