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Delayed fishing Report from July 1st - July 6th

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A bit of a delay on posting this, but, was down at Lost Bridge the week of the 4th.  Water temps were in the low 80's and there is plenty of water in the lake.  We fished each morning from 5 until the kids got hungry which was usually 9ish.  Then went back out from 6:30 to 9ish each evening.  Had a pretty good week.  Didn't set the world on fire but caught fish steady and had a several flurries of schooling fish.  The lake was dead calm almost every trip out.

We fished the whole week in Big Clifty.  Found groups of fish on several main lake points that were there all week.  We would have the boat sitting in 40-50 ft on the points and just fan casting around.  they would come up to school from time to time and it would be on then.  When they weren't schooling they would hit bottom baits.  Most of the fish were caught on Ned or shakey heads with the rest being on topwater.  I did have one good largemouth on a black spinnerbait right at dark.  It was the biggest fish of the week and was right at 4lbs.  (It was the biggest LM i have caught on Beaver)  Cuaght a good walleye as well.  He hit a shakey head in about 30 ft of water.

Was a very fun week.  


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