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Club Tournament: Big Indian


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Fished our club tourney today, 14.5 lbs won with a 5 lber for big fish.  I finished 2nd with 13.5 lbs.  3rd was 11 lbs.  Average size fish that was brought in looked to be in the 2.5-2.75 range.  Quality was nice for being July. Boat traffic was the usual this time of year be safe everyone.  School is around the corner! Fish were caught multiple ways shallow and deep.  

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Pretty good day . I fished a benefit tourney last Sat. at Aunts creek and it seemed like either guys caught them good or didnt do worth a hoot.  Winners had 17.6 i think for 4 fish. I about crapped when i heard that. We finished second with 13.5 for our 4 fish.  (4 fish limit).  The weigh in only lasted about 10 minutes so i think most people didnt even weigh in.

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