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Okuma Helios reels

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Has anyone had any experience with Okuma's Helios reels? What has my attention is the sealed waterproof drag. Any comments would be appreciated.



Doug Kiefer

Independence, Mo

h: am4mu@comcast.net

w: dougk@schulzetool.com

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I tried a Okuma reel a few years ago. The experience was not good. The reel was very cheaply made, was heavy and clunky and did not make it through one fishing season. I have not bought another one since. I don't know about the Helios as I haven't tried them. I would buy a Diawa or Shimano but that is just my opinion.

I would rather be fishin'.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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For the price ($160 in Cabelas if I remember right) there are FAR superior reels...and I don't think a sealed water proof drag is anything special or different than most disc drags.

My suggestions:

Ross Cimmaron Large Arbor ~$160

Ross Cimmaron ~$140

Cabelas LSR ~$130 right now on sale - my brother just bought one, and I am very impressed

Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock is somewhere in the same price neighborhood

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I do not own a Helios reel, but do own two other okuma fly reels. I haven't had any problems with them in three years of use. having said that; I would look at the Orvis Batenkill Mid Arbor reel if you want a sealed drag system. I've tried one that a friend has, and I'm just waiting for some kind of excuse to get one.

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