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TR through the weekend


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It’s equal to 4 units, Rick. Lots of guys around the outlets and down the bank today. Lots of good fish caught today.


A Little Rain Won't Hurt Them Fish.....They're Already Wet!!

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So we started up past outlet 1 tonight.  Rob caught first fish on the ol 606 signature series.  I had a few bumps but didn't get hooked up.  Switched over to a 1/8 oz sculpin with orange head and started picking up fish.

We moved down past outlet 1 and picked our way along the bank.  Picked up a few more.  I had 3 on 4 casts at one point.  Pretty solid rainbows and had a good jig bite going on a slow retrieve.

I switched over to a trout patterned Doty SS and it got crushed by the big fish for the evening.  Didn't measure but it was a net filler of a rainbow... Rob hooked a few more nice bows as well on the jig too.  

We're heading to SDC tomorrow so called it early tonight.  Well be back at it tomorrow night though.  Not a bad evening of fishing.  Some real pretty colored up fish too.  No brownies yet though...








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Night 2 begins...

Fished in between 1 and 2 last night.  Had a couple hooked up in the jerk baits but the decent one popped off and the other was bait sized...

Switched back to jigging and it was game on again.  I threw an 1/8 black and sculpin with a black head on 4lb and it was just rainbow after rainbow after rainbow.

They were all strong fighters and had a silver bullet give me some aerobatics too.  Size wise they were all decent but not huge.  I think I had 1 18in bow all weekend for big fish.  Most were between 14 and 16, but solid fish with shoulders on them.




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