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Pic of my boat

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This is my boat, not too good of a pic, it was taken with my cell phone. The previous owner had it registered as a 1952 Ouachita. When i registered it, it came back as a 1957 Ouachita. The Vin tag was issued in 1990 and if you go by that it is a 1990 homemade boat. A vin tag like this could be issued for a boat that had previously not been registered or for a boat that the vin/serial number had been lost. It had had many coats of paint on it so that is possible that the original # had been lost.

We sanded it down and painted it with Parker Duck Boat Paint. It was supposed to be hunter green, but looks more olive drab.

It doesn't have any leaks. We were worried when we sanded it down that some rivets might start to leak, but even after that, it doesn't leak at all. Looks like it had some type of steering and console on it in the past as well.

It will go in real shallow water. The other day, people had their boats parked at the bottom of a real shallow shoal I had been up a million times. They were telling me it was too shallow to go up. I just putted up it real slow, the outboard skipped sand twice, probably because I had my trolling motor battery in the back, but made it right up where the jet boats were.

I don't much like the carpeted deck in the front, but it adds weight to the front and lifts the back a little to help get up shallow shoals and it opens up and I can keep life jackets in there and my wife likes it so I guess it will stay. I'm going to rig up my bow mount trolling motor and battery in the front and put a pedestal seat on it.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a Ouachita boat, trying to find out what it is. Its deminsions are 16 x 36


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