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Beaver Fever


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Boy, I've got it. we had a good time. we stayed at spider creek for 4 nights, and fished in the main lake each morning and most afternoons. Most of the fishing was done by my wife and little boys, and they caught bluegill/kentucky's/smallmouths.

they were using worms on bobbers around chunk rock...my primary function was the net man, and the hook baiter. but if we happened along a gravel point i would throw a green pumpkin centipede on a c-rig, and i caught a fish about every third cast. we were pretty shallow and i would throw out into the deeper water and bring it up the slope. i didn't get to cast very often but i caught my share of 12 inch smallmouth.

i would also cast a 1/16 oz tx rig watermelon craw around the chunk rock and i caught a handful of kentuckys/smallmouth that way, but i really didn't get to fish as often as i would have liked but the wife and kids had a lot of action.

I didn't go striper fishing, by the time the sun went down, and we got the kids to sleep, i was too tired to go, but i plan to go back down and try them soon.

i marked a lot of shad in what i call the horse-shoe cove. i know if i would have been by myself i would have been able to catch quite a few fish in there on a spoon but i didn't really have the opportunity.

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I think just about any good sized tackle shop in this area carries "Fishing Hot Spots" maps of Beaver. They are decent maps and have some tips on where and when to fish. It may be worth a try to Google fishing hot spots maps and see if you can order one online, if you want to check things out before you get here.

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