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Fished yesterday evening betweeen #1 and #2. The bank was eroding off of #1 and leaving a mudd line, I fished that with a olive jigg under a float and caught several fish till the water cleared. Then fished midges with no luck, lots of fish midging; swithed to a tan soft hackle and started picking up fish again, but I was missing more than I was hooking. Fun evening.

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I was down there as well. I saw your OAF sticker as I was leaving. After a few of us from Mo Trout Fishers Assoc. tied flies for patients at Hulston Cancer Center, Taney was calling my name. Hit the water at 6:00 PM and started nymphing a variety of scuds and midges. No strikes whatsoever below chute 2. I fished both clear and murky water as well as the seam. As I worked my way downstream, I noticed there was nobody from the rebar riffles to the end of the gauntlet. I caught 2 in the riffles with eggs bodacious about 6:30. The breeze kicked up so I couldn't sight fish any more. I then tried stripping a crackleback, no takers. I finally found what they wanted and brought 18 more bows to the net until I left at 8:00. All avg 13-14 inches or so. The bite was as hot as I've seen it this year. I swung a natural color bunny leech in the rebar hole. I hooked up on 80-90% of my strikes, a fair change from the normal 50% hookup that I usually experience while stripping.


Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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