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Pomme Saturday


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I had the opportunity to fish with a group on Sat. that produced one of those days that you'll rember for a long time. I received a call Thursday evening about a couple of us Skeeter boys supporting a group called "Teen Anglers" on Pomme. This group takes Jr. High and High School young men and women and provides an avenue for them to learn, experience, and grow in the sport of fishing.

I had the pleasure of fishing with a fine young man by the name of Trent Butler from Skyline High School and had a great day. We caught fish all day long (7-12:30) catching a limit of bass before 10 AM. Several orgainzations are supporting this group including Center City Marine, Skeeter,Yamahs, Humminbird, Luck E Strike, and others. If you get the chance to throw in with these folks please do so. Just like everyother thing in life, when you give a little back you receive so much more yourself.

Thank Gregg for the invite and great day!


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