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Shell Knob 4/23/20 Crappie Slow - Bass Good

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Enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday trying to catch some crappie.  That did not work out too well, but, the bass were there and were willing to cooperate.  

Fished from 7ish to about 430.  Headed up the Kings and looked for crappie until around noon or so.  Only managed to find 4 keepers, and 4 shorts.  It just was not happening for us.  Decided to head back down to Shell Knob and see if we could find some bass.  I am glad we did.  Fishing main lake and secondary points yesterday afternoon we lost count of the number of fish we caught.  Some good K's were definitely stirring.  We ended with well over 40 fish with probably 12or so keepers.  6 of the keepers were big spots.  I don't know that I have ever had that many keeper spots in one trip.  Most of the fish came on the Ned.  I did have 7 or 8 on the Hot Mouse War Eagle SB.  These fish came back in some wind blown cuts.  All of the spinnerbait fish but 1 were largemouth.  They were 14"-16" males.  Saw a lot of the fish we caught on the graph, but, could not get them to take anything but the Ned for some reason.  Tried Kietechs and jerk baits but they were not interested.

Did also catch a nice 19" walleye on the Ned as well.  Went well with the handful of crappie.  Only got a couple pics with two of the good spots.

Ned never ceases to amaze!


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