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Participating in the "test run" fiasco means you're signing up for teaching boat driving lessons, explaining what tilt/trim does and how to launch/load and secure on the trailer.    Ain't nobody got time for that....they can figure all that crap out on their own.   If you have to explain the importance of the kill switch lanyard then they get the impression that the boat tries to throw you out of it all the time.....and they get nervous about buying it.    It's a catch 22 

The reason you're selling a boat is because you want out from under it, so taking it out for multiple "test runs" just increases the odds that you'll hit a log, ding the prop, put a scratch on it, or blow the powerhead and lower its value.  

Buying used is buying used. If you want a full 5+ year warranty and a guarantee that you'll be 100% happy with it, and that your wife will love it too.... then buy new. 😊

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You’ll have no problem towing that even with a camper.  Unless my mother in-law is sleeping in it.  😂

I usually Check obituaries or divorce fillings an get the address. Then I drive by and see if there is any sign of a boat...   If you have or know someone with a Facebook account. They have a pretty g

I sold.one privately met him at the ramp, same reasons.  When he had paid he asked if I had any fishing gear, uhh yeah, he said, "me too" want to go fishing.in my new boat with me?  We did.

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I hear ya on the tilt/trim.  I didn’t know what it was...and bill just said start it at the bottom and trim it til you can feel it.  I still do the same thing 

he said back it in til the water just barely goes over the fender to load it....still do the same thing...it ain’t rocket science 

i took it to big m and dropped it in...and have never looked back....we’ve had a lifetime of memories in both boats.  They have been a huge part of our family.

We’ve had so many vacations with our boat....so many memories...buy one if you can...you won’t regret it....but buy it from someone you trust ✌️

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