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Biggest Stockton Walleye

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I spent memorial day weekend on the lake with some friends. Before they all came up I decided to hit the lake, thanks to a short work day. After the last four years chasing ol' Walter I caught my biggest Stockton eye to date 26". The following days the water was really murky and we caught a few, but it was hard fishing for the most part. 


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15 minutes ago, Walleyedmike said:

Great fish Trevor! Please tell us how you caught her!


I was trolling 2oz BB and a worm harness my father in law makes for me. I was trolling in 16fow at about .9 mph. I had caught a fair amount of whites and sub-legal eyes but no keepers yet. I decided to make a shallow pass around 12-14ft and it hit like a like a log (as walleye do). I set the hook and doubed my rod over. After the first head shakes I knew it was either a huge eye or a decent cat. It got to the boat as I glimpsed that iconic white tail and I felt my adrenaline start pumping and hands shaking. I tried to net it several times with it diving to the bottom every attempt along with my hopes of getting it in the boat. When it finally did get in the net and into the boat I could hardly breath. I called my ol' man immediately to give him the run down. He was just as Dad who taught his son to fish would act, proud and jealous. 

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A former inhabitant of this board had the moniker of Powerdive. Mike was an avid walleye chaser before he moved to Florida. Obviously the name comes from what the big fish do at the boat.

Anything above a 25 inch walleye is something for which you should be proud.

Well done!


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