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Crappie 5/30/20

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Got started about 6:30 yesterday morning.   Minnow rigging 1oz rigs in 30-35 fow and about 11 to 13 feet down.  Pretty much the same pattern I’ve been on the past several weeks but just adjusting the depth to where they are getting on up higher in the water column.   They bite really good first thing until the the sun gets up higher and then it slows or just plane stops.  Guess I’ll need to get startEx at like 5am.  Those last 5 fish took some effort.  

Vertical bluff lines in the shade. Along docks and brush piles finished the deal.  

More I think about it and after chatting with a buddy.  It had a lot to do with how I approached those areas and how they are facing from the sun.  Go one way nothing and then flip it around and get bit.  Gonna have to work on that and pay more attention to that as the summer progresses. 

Good fishing and God Bless Lance



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Again, good work.  I haven't made it out since last weekend.  With all the rain last week and yard work to do, it may take a bit for me to catch up!  Once I have all of my work done, maybe I can get out there myself.    A week ago Sunday I was finding fish "on the drop" at the edge of the main channel.  Had trouble getting them to bite and only managed a few, but they were there.  It may also have had something to do with my timing.  Didn't start until later in the morning.  



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