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Fished the trophy area and had a good day.Caught about 12 rainbows.Red,orange san juans,orange sow bug,and a white 100th oz. jig all caught fish.Most were 12"-13" none over 15".Dead drifed the worms under an indicator,slowly stripped the sowbug after the swing caught a few rising trout,and deep nymphed the jig.The best fish hooked was on my last cast.I snuck up on a school that was just outside a weed bed and after turning there noses up to all my offerings I took off my cork and casted right in the middle of them and let it sink.I waited a couple minutes bearly able to see my orange worm and one slashed at it.I waited.And WHAM!!!The trout picked it up swimming downstream not like it was feeding but MAD.It took off drag-a-screaming about 40yds.downriver jumped and broke my 2lps.tippet all while I just stood there watching dumbfounded open jawed I'm sure.It was like watching in slow motion.Did'nt even try to palm my spool, just stood there and watched.Looked to be about 3-4 lps.I guess I was just surprised that he picked it up swimming downriver when the others were swimming [facing]up current?????

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