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Time to get rid of things I no longer use but have to care for. Accordingly I'm offering the following bamboo rods for sale on my local board before doing so nationally. If interested contact me at <of939@centurytel.net> PLEASE put 'Bamboo Rods' in the subject line as I've gotten in the habit of instantly trashcanning mail from any address I don't recognize after losing several computer systems to 'bugs'. Crippled Caddis


#1. This'un is the 'good'un' of the bunch. And the high $ one too! To start with it comes with a story------20 something years ago I was hired by Mel Krieger as one of his local 'experts' (little did he know! :lol: ) to help him put on one of his casting clinics. One of the students was an old fellow already in his '70s and a lifelong flyfisher. Being self-taught he had some of the worst casting faults imaginable and they were well and truly ingrained. The other assistants wanted nothing further to do with him after the first rotation, but I figured he'd paid the same $ a everyone else and he sure needed help in eliminating a lot of long practiced casting faults. Besides I rather admired him for pursuing improvement at his advanced age. So I was 'stuck' with him for the remainder of the 2 days. I admit that my attempts weren't exactly 100% successful but at the end of the class he was a little better than when we started and he thought his $ had been well invested. So I was rather surprised to see him walk into the flyshop where I worked the following week with a rodcase in hand. He took me aside after I was finished with my customer and said, "I brought you something if you want it" and handed me the rodcase. I opened it to find a 3/2, 8 1/2' Phillipson 'Powr Pakt' bamboo for a 6 in almost new condition in original bag and case.. Then he told me the story about it. Immediately following WW2 new rods were rather hard to get so when the opportunity came along he ordered a pair of matched new rods----one to use and a spare for a back-up. The one he was offering was the 'spare' and it had seen very little use indeed. I was initially reluctant to accept his largesse but he was earnestly insistant, saying that I'd earned it by "putting up with him" the past weekend. So I accepted it with as much grace as possible and I never saw him again. To my shame I don't even recall his name at this stage. :( To make a long story just a bit longer that rod and I never reached a compromise. It is a relatively 'fast' Western action that simply doesn't please me. I've lawn-cast it every couple of years or so, even tried to fish it a time or two and kept it preserved with the occasional applications of a hard Carnuba floor wax, but we've never been able to reach an acommadation. So it's now available to the corps of the Phillipson afficienados at the price of $450.

#2 This one isn't nearly so well-preserved as the foregoing Phillipson, but it's the one I've preferred to fish over the years. It would profit enormously from being stripped down, re-wrapped and refinished, but I've managed to use it as is for a long time with religious applications of protective floor wax.

It is a 3/2, 9' Model 9053 'Grainger Special' in original bag and rodcase. I suspect it's from the era prior to WW2 but have no idea how to establish my opinion as fact. I find it more pleasant TO ME with a 6 wt. DT, but I think it was supposed to be a 7. One of the tip sections is @ 3" short and deserves splicing. Both tips take a 'slight right' but the rod has no big sets or crooks. It is original with all factory wraps, (whoops---just noticed a guide that has been repaired!) guides, ferrules and (crazed) varnish. The cork is good except for a small area at the extreme rear under the heel of the hand that has a bit missing. The rod is hardly perfect but is a good, restorable original example worthy of a good home. I'd like to see it find one at $250.

#3 An old Montague 'Flash', 9', 7 wt. Like all Montagues it needs new ferrules as well as a coat of varnish. Just a blue-collar rod that would be a good exercise for someone wanting to try their hand at refinishing. Only $95 to a good home.

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in their struggle for independence." ---Charles Austin Beard

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