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I have been a very bad boy.

Garmin 126SV 12" and a Garmin 102SV 10"  I took it out yesterday morning to calibrate the Force and sync it with the electronics.  Saw a fish down about 23' on the Panoptix 50' from the boat.  Eased toward it and it came right into the 2D sonar view  I dropped on it and caught it on a drop shot.  First drop shot fish of the year.  Amazing technology.


Garmin Force with Panoptix Livescope.


I need to sell my Minn Kota Ultrex so if your interested its on Buy Sell Trade.  Make any offer on it you want and it will be considered.  I sold my HDS 9 Touch I had on the bow in about 15 minutes thru Buy Sell Trade.  The trolling motor had 2 issues right out of the box, they replaced the rise and lower piston and a week later they replaced the Lower Unit.    I bought it in March of 2019 and had the two incidents before  the month was over so it kind of scared me but has worked perfect since.

A new one with tax is $2,750.00 plus installation.  My Garmin guy told me to price the Ultrex at the price I have listed as that is about a $1,000.00 off a new one and its only a year old.

Good Luck

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32 minutes ago, Toby Estes said:

First impressions of the trolling motor?

Bad to the Bone, but a major, major price tag if you have to pay retail.  You have to be really careful, when I was calibrating it I did not have my bow butt seat in to lean on and it just about bucked me out.  I came within a couple of inches of swimming.  There is a learning curve on all the motors but everything on the Force is special.

Gauges right on the trolling motor are fab. and everything syncs with the Garmin Graphs.  If I'm running Hummingbird I would have stuck with the Ultrex.  For Lowrance I would run the Lowrance Ghost or the  new Motor Guide Tour Pro that's set up for Lowrance.

I just ran it a bit yesterday pulled my 22" Phoenix on glass still water at 4.1 mph,  so quiet you cannot hear it operating and when the head turns it is extremely quiet.  Totally effortless deploy and retract, with two huge power pistons to assist both deploy and recovery.

Only negative I have heard is you must strap it down on rough water if your going very far as it will bounce out of the cradle.  Probably a function of the easy deploy retract.  I'll let you know.

Phil and I believe Duane installed there own on their boats but if your running the Garmin Electronics also, it is probably a tech job as there are updates to both motor and graphs sync jobs that have to be done to start.  I got lucky on my install as a Garmin tech did it mostly as a friend of the Phoenix rep for me, It took us about 8 hrs. for the install, so there would be a pretty big price tag with that.  All 4 brand new units needed 2 software upgrades.

I also needed a complete new front panel and installed it on original Precision Sonar Stack.  They make them for most every boat line and it totally reinforces the front end as with those two graphs its pretty heavy.

If your just going to buy it off the shelf and have it done your probably going to have about 13 grand in it, so this type of technology is not inexpensive.  Thank goodness I have a very good friend.

I'll probably do the dash early next Spring if I have any money.

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Definitely strap it down in rough water, We hit a cabin cruiser rogue wave the other day and as we were in the air the force deployed luckily when the bow crashed the next wave it restowed itself.  That thing would have ripped right off the front if it had actually made it in the water  

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2 hours ago, Bill Babler said:

Garmin 126SV 12" and a Garmin 102SV 10"


I have a new Ranger Z519 that was just completed.  As of this writing it was still in Flippin but should be here by weeks end.

It has the same setup as Bills except I have the 10 inch at the console and the 12 inch at the bow and planned to have an older Helix 9 that will just be used for the LakeMaster Map, that I like.

Bill, Some questions:

  • what can so say about the Garmin mapping that goes with it or did you get some after market mapping.?
  • How did you mount the Live Scope transducer?  I'm going to do the RM Industries mount (see link above) - it is already scheduled - Mike the owner of that company seems like a real nice guy and fishes himself.
  • Did you get the Garmin Prospective mount?
  • Did you have any trouble transferring waypoints from your Lowrance stuff?


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    Mapping is fantastic with no need for additional info  Garmin uses a Lake Vu and all my depth ranges are colored.  Really looking forward to that as it lets you know your in the strike zone when your in the right color.

    My mount is the Prospective Mt.

    Waypoints  transfered in 2 minutes not problem at all.

    I was going to get out today, but to windy.  I'll be on the water with it in the morning.

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    Jealous here.

    That's almost enough to make me wish I was still working!


    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

    "The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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