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Elk River Father's Day Float Trip

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I will be coming down from Kansas to camp and float with some non-fishing friends. We'll be staying at Two Sons Floats and Camping. I'm looking for some decent fishing holes near there that I can either float to or are a short drive. I'll be taking my fishing kayak but am not sure how it will do on the river as it's definitely made for larger bodies of water. Also, and lure/fly recommendations?

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Last I knew it was all floatable, fishable, free access somewhat limited - Pineville City access (not very wadable), MDC Mt Shira access near Ginger Blue and MDC Cowskin access at the Mo43 bridge. The camp people might fix you up at other places. Running over 500CFS your big boat should float in most places.     Entire river from beginning to the OK state line is a bass special management area, https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/regulations/special-areas/elk-river

Map= https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/sites/default/files/downloads/area/Elk-River-SMA.pdf

Flies-  gurgler, pigboat, deciever, Tap's Bug

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Depends on long of a float you want to do. If you are looking to float back to 2 sons then you will need to put in at Pineville, Low water bridge, or Mt. Shira. At the bridge you have to pay however to launch because they are pretty strict about putting in or out right from the bridge. Private property around it and all of that. tjm is right about the flow right now. Good float water to fish IMO. I might go down this weekend as well. Just be aware this weekend you will run into LOTS of people on the water. If you have little ones just be aware of the party people on the water. Again, lots of people on the weekend. The lower end after Noel is harder to find anyone to shuttle unless you have your own way. That is a much longer float however. Better in a lot of ways and not in others. Hope we have helped you out.

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