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Fishing Report 6/22/07

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Made the one day trip from KC on Friday and was surprised to find the park relatively uncrowded. Fishing was excellent :) with a lot of nice fish in the stream right now. I caught fish on everything I threw from g-bugs to soft hackles and even a couple on an elk hair caddis ( one that I tyed using Caddis's pattern from the fly swap. This is a great fly pattern and caught fish in the light olive and ginger dyed quill body as well as the caddis green that was in the swap. Thanks Caddis, great fly!). Fishing was about as good as it gets for trout park action. I really wished I could have stayed until dark and got in some more dry fly action but I hate that drive back in the dark by myself as I tend to start dozing off :wacko: . I fished just about everywhere from the whistle bridge clear to the spring and fishing was good throughout but the most fish were caught in the first 50 yd stretch above the whistle.

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Sounds like a nice day on the water. I forgot to mention in my earlier post that there was not 1 but 2 family reunions going on while I was there (on a wednesday?). That should be a violation of criminal statutes right there. Zone 1 was a complete nightmare so we headed to zone 2 and fished most of the day there. Still, lots of fun. Hope to meet up with you down there (I won't stare at that caddis pattern too hard-lol)

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