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I don't fish Table Rock but have had my best luck for big bass while night fishing. Of the six bass over 8 lbs. that I've caught in my life four were caught at night between 10-11 pm. They were caught on soft plastics dragged really slow on the bottom. Never had much luck with topwaters at night but think a Whopper Plopper or Jitterbug would certainly be worth trying and I really want to try a chatterbait at night as well. Lakes I fish get a lot of pressure and I think the bigger bass might let their guard down at night.

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There is some good fishing at night. From 7 or 8 pm to  about 2 am!  The bass will follow the shad so when you find the  shad  you should be catching. I have been out at night for the last 4 or 5 weeks now. And I am doing pretty good not great but some nice fish and you Will be out of the heat and sun and alot less crazy boaters! I have been doing well on points with gravel and some chunk rock have been better than just gravel. Jigs and T rigs and big worms have been the ticket. Give the night thing a chance you will like it at this time of year. Oh and for some reason that is out of my pay grade I can’t get a top water bite at night going!

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