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Scott heliply series fly rod for sale 10wt 8'8" 3pc


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I have a 8'8" 3pc Scott Heliply fly rod for sale, it is in New condition with original unsigned warranty card, so the life time warranty is good for whom ever buys the rod. It has been fished only once. $300.00, this rod sold new for almost $600.00

This is a personal sale not a shop sale, I just don't need this rod any longer, it is one of my personal rods. It is not a guide rod.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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Tim - do keep us all posted on this rod as the fall approaches...

You will get rid of it here //// someone should snatch this one up

it is THE night / big water rod perfect for taney

If I didnt own too many rods I would jump on it - Brian

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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I have a 10 wgt. 8'8" Scott Heliply rod too.

I have only used it on muskies & pike a few times.

Brian, you'd use it on trout at Taney in the Fall? B)

Seems heavy to me but I'd like to use it more as it's an awesome rod.

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

Good luck Tim selling it. Scott's are great rods.

I love every one I own.


Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads,

you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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