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Quick trip to Hickory Creek

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Normally I wouldn’t even put a report up for a quick trip out.  Not sure how much information I have to help anyone else out BUT:  we finally found a little Topwater action!  Been few and far between this spring/summer for me.

 After some engine trouble got our day off to a late start (and we were limited to staying close to the ramp) we pulled up on a well known main lake point.  I was just praying for some kind of action since I had my 13 yr old daughter with me and it had been a rough start to the morning.  As luck would have it- for the first time all summer I found some Topwater fish.  Nothing big and they would only bite when they were boiling up on top- but every 10 min or so they were coming to the top and we could get a chance at them.  With the clouds before the rain today (predicting weather must be hard) they stayed active until 8:45 or so.  We were off of main lake point on a narrow stretch of deep (40-50ft) water.  These were my first Topwater fish in what feels like forever.


Side note-  today was my daughter’s 13th birthday and she wanted to go fishing with her Dad to start the day!  Catching your first ever Topwater fish isn’t a bad way to start your teenage years.  Let’s see if she will still get in a boat with me in about 5 years...



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Great job not getting skunked! If you make it out again, after the top water bite dies off, try little Maribou white jigs 1/8 to 1/4oz, the ones with white hair that see for a dollar or two; find some standing timber on points of secondary covers and you will catch plenty of Kentucky bass to keep the kids entertained. Also throwing Wacky Worms / Senkos against bluff walls will produce good large mouth near docks and vertical bluff walls when the fishing gets tough. 

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