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I haven’t white bass fished on that pond since the die off several years ago.  I decided to try it today.  I launched at Lightfoot about 9:30 and fished down toward the dam.  I hit 6-8 spots.  Some on

I don't know what causes it but at least 1 in 10 yesterday had some kind of sores on them.  If it were on a person I'd call it a rash.  I don't know what one would call it on a fish.  The Bull Shoals

I took the Jon boat and the flyrod out this evening to see if I could find enough for a mess.   Finally, right before dark I found a ditch that was full of little ones.   They'll do for now.  No rashe

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you know humans(the most conscious animals on the face of the earth) actually die occasionally from accidentally crawling into something like a tank void of oxygen.  

Or god forbid a situation where they breath too much CO from a gas heater and die to lack of oxygen. 


If humans do it what even makes us remotely convinced fish are smart enough to not do it? Do fish have internal O2 meters?

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You'll have to forgive my base knowledge of micro-organisms.....I'm sure someone can pop on here with the actual logic.....but Its the micro-organisms(bacteria) that consume the 02 to convert the decaying matter into Co2. 

If I recall these micro-organisms are HIGHLY food dependent meaning if there is nothing for them to consume numbers are relatively low but with ample food they populate at alarming rates as numbers increase O2 decreases and Co2 increases again at rates dependent on population. 

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4 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

Now you're over my head. 

The whole conversation is over your head Don. 

“Anybody opens their mouth, gonna get a bullet. Anybody moves a little weird, little sudden, gonna get a bullet. Not a warning. Not a question. A bullet.”  - Major Marquis Warren


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